I.    General indications


1.    The workshop is delivered in Italian. If there is a significant participation of foreign students (i.e. at least 1/3 of the class) TRAC - Tresoldi Academy (henceforth referred to as TRAC) will activate an interpretation service from Italian to English.
2.    The workshop has limited access (maximum 15 students) and a Committee - which will be appointed by TRAC, will select the participants on the basis of the selection criteria reported in chap. II.
3.    The activities of the workshop will be mainly carried out in the spaces of Cantiere delle Marche, one of the main sponsors of the workshop.  Travels to the areas indicated in the workshop program will be on and organized by TRAC and the details will be communicated to the students before the beginning of the workshop. Any other type of expense (meals, accommodation, travels for personal reasons) will be on the students. 
4.    TRAC reserves the right to make changes to the calendar and training program of the activities covered by the workshop to guarantee its best performance. Any change will be communicated to the participants in due time.
5.    The workshop is made up of lectures and workshops, divided into three macro-phases: 1) analysis of the characteristics of the project areas with a visit of the site indicated in the program; 2) interactive planning and realization of a concept design of a site-specific installation and 3) executive production of the site-specific installation. 
6.    The times and methods of carrying out the concept design phases and executive production of a site-specific work, including its on-site installation, will be managed at total discretion of the Scientific Committee of TRAC. In particular, as the specificities of the concept design elaborated during the workshop will have to be taken into account and in the event that it could not be possible to complete the executive production and/or installation phases on-site according to the workshop program, TRAC will carry out the aforementioned phase by the end of 2021.
7.    A certificate of participation will only be awarded to those students who have participated in all the activities (days) stated in the workshop calendar.
8.    For more information on the workshop, candidates can get in touch via e-mail:
9.    It is necessary, for students who come from non-EU countries, to verify the terms and conditions for visa release prior to the publication of the access ranking, so as to be able to start the courses according to the set schedule. TRAC’s staff is available to release any document - within the area of its competence - that could be necessary for visa application and release. 

II.    Requirements


1.    Pre-intermediate knowledge of English (at least level B1). 
2.    It is not required to have a specific educational certificate: interest in the topics covered by the workshops is appreciated. 
3.    Participants should be aged between 18 and 35 when submitting the application.
4.    Regular completion of the registration procedure according to the terms defined in chap. III. 

III.    Application


1.    Access the website at URL and fill in the workshop registration form. 
2.    At the end of the registration procedure, each candidate will receive an-email containing a link for activation. In case this email is not received, candidates are invited to check their inbox spam folder. 
3.    In order to complete the account registration, candidates shall click on the activation link in the email and enter the password for the private area. 
4.    The following documents are required for the regular completion of the application: 
•    copy of a valid identity document (identity card or passport) 
•    motivational letter (200 words max) 
•    CV (max 2 pages, A4 format, free layout) 
•    artistic and/ or professional portfolio (max 10 pages, free layout) 
•    acceptance of these Rules 
•    payment of 61,00 € for the administration fee through PayPal (following the instructions on the website).

Uploaded files must be in .jpg or .pdf format and with a maximum size of 10 MB. 

5.    Once the upload of all the above documents is completed and these rules have been accepted, the application will be taken in charge by the Admissions Office. 

IV.    Admission


1.    The Scientific Committee of the TRAC will proceed to a preliminary evaluation of the applications received to verify their eligibility. Applications that do not respond to the requirements of the following chap. II and/or have not respected the registration terms indicated for this workshop will not be taken into account. 
2.    With the preliminary assessment referred to in point 1. of this chapter, the Committee will define a provisional ranking by assigning a score to each candidate between 60 and 100 points according to the following criteria:
•    curriculum vitae (max 30 points)  
•    motivational letter (max 20 points) 
•    artistic and/or professional portfolio (max 50 points) 

The Committee’s evaluation and verdict regarding the ranking of candidates is unquestionable. 

3.    The provisional ranking is defined on the basis of the scores assigned and will be published in the online private area of each candidate. The fifteen (15) candidates who have obtained the highest score will be admitted to the workshop as described at point 2. of this chapter. 
4.    The candidates ranking between the 1st and 5th place (included) will be indicated in the provisional ranking with the words “ADMITTED WITH A SCHOLARSHIP” and will be required to confirm in written form to the Admissions Office their participation in the workshop or their refusal of their place by 12 PM (midday, Italy Time) on the third day after the date of publication of the provisional ranking. Scholarships are specifically assigned therefore, if a candidate refuses their scholarship, this will not be assigned to anyone else. 
5.    The candidates ranking from the 6th to the 15th place (included) will be admitted to the workshop provided that each candidate pays the enrollment fee of 732,00 € (i.e. 600,00 + 22% IVA) by 10 days after the date of publication of the provisional ranking, following the terms written on the following chapter V. Such candidates will be indicated in the provisional ranking with the words “ADMITTED”. 
6.    Candidates excluded will be indicated in the provisional ranking as “NOT ADMITTED” but will be informed of a possible later admission in case of a spontaneous refusal of one or more candidates admitted to the workshop according to the provisional ranking. In this event, the candidates will be admitted following the ranking order, therefore candidates are invited to monitor their own private area for any communication on the later admission. The candidates selected in this event will be then contacted by the Admission Office. 
7.    In reference to the provisions of points 3., 4., 5., 6. of this chapter, the final ranking of admission will be published in the private area of each candidate within fourteen (14) days from the publication of the provisional ranking. 
8.    In the event that two candidates have the same final score, the priority will be given to the candidate who has received the highest score for their portfolio. 
9.    The Committee may request candidates to take part in a motivational interview. In this event, the date and place for the interview will be communicated directly to interested candidates. If the candidate does not show up to the interview, they will be immediately excluded from the ranking.


V.    Enrollment fee and administration costs


1.    In case of ADMISSION WITHOUT SCHOLARSHIP, students admitted will have to transfer the enrollment fee of 732 € (i.e. 600,00 + 22% IVA) in a single payment and upload the payment receipt on the personal page on the website within 5 days from the publication of the provisional ranking;

The non-payment and missed upload of the payment receipt for the enrollment fee by said date will exclude the candidate from the workshop.
2.    The enrollment fee will be transferred through bank wire to IBAN IT45X0327302400000600103285, Solution Bank S.p.A. writing as details of payment “student name and surname; enrollment fee for the workshop [name]” (the student Mario Rossi will write: “Mario Rossi; enrollment fee for the workshop “Sea”). As for the upload of the receipt, please follow the instructions on your personal area on the website. 
3.    Administration costs and enrollment fees are non-refundable, even in case of voluntary renunciation for temporary impediments of any kind or other major forces from the candidate’s side before the workshop start date.
4.    Administration and enrollment fees can be paid by third parties reporting the correct indication of the payment details as written on points 1 and 2 of this chapter.

VI.    Ownership and intellectual property rights


1.    By accepting these Rules, each candidate irrevocably and unconditionally undertakes to: 
a.    submit original and unpublished works that are in their entirety the result of their own creative activity or of the work-teams that will be created. If these requirements are not complied with, the students may be excluded or any award assigned to the concepts proposed may be revoked - at the complete discretion of TRAC;
b.    use trademarks containing the “Edoardo Tresoldi”, “TRAC” or “Tresoldi Academy” logos and/or the name of the project that will eventually be disclosed only within the documents, within the limits (also graphics) that will be required for academic purposes;
c.    recognize that the ownership of the works, including intermediate and final versions, in all their forms and material manifestations is of the organizers of TRAC; 
d.    deliver, free of charge, to the organizers of Tresoldi Academy any and all economic exploitation rights on the works, with this meaning any right of exploitation and use due under the law of April 22, 1941, n. 633 (Copyright Law) and Legislative Decree 10 February 2005, n. 30 (Industrial Property Code), or under any other applicable national or international discipline that envisages such protection, including, but not limited to the following rights:
i.    right to reproduce and modify the works;
ii.    right to implement the designs on an industrial level and to sell products of any kind, entirely or in part derived from it;
iii.    right to file an application for registration of the works protection in every country in the world;
iv.    right to publish, transcribe, communicate and distribute the works;
v.    right to assign these rights to third parties.


VII.    General provisions


1.    Each candidate accepts that applying for the workshop implies accepting these Rules.
2.    These Rules, together with the registration form, constitute the whole and only agreement between TRAC and each candidate in relation to the participation in the workshop.
3.    None of the organizers of TRAC is responsible for communications not received due to an incorrect indication of contacts by the candidate or to a failure or late communication of the change of the details reported in the registration form, nor for any mistakes attributable to third parties, more generally for facts attributable to third parties. Furthermore, TRACcannot be held responsible in the event of delay or non-compliance with any of  its commitments provided for in these Rules, including the cancellation or reprogramming of the workshop, in the event of events due to unforeseeable circumstances and/or due to force majeure including,  but not limited to, fires, strikes, wars, government measures, virus outbreak/pandemic or other causes beyond the reasonable control of the TRAC. In the event of a force majeure event that prevents the regular running of the workshop, the TRAC reserves the right to reschedule the workshop once the related force majeure event has ceased.
4.    Each candidate will be the sole responsible for the truthfulness and correctness of any data and information or declaration made to TRAC. In the event that the documentation presents false statements that are relevant for the registration purposes, without prejudice to the penalties referred to in art. 76 of the DPR n. 445 of 28 December 2000, the candidate will be immediately excluded. Each candidate will be responsible towards TRAC in case of false declarations, therefore, keeping TRAC not accountable for any damage, cost or claim that s/he should suffer.
5.    Each candidate confirms to have acknowledged that their personal data will be processed by YAC S.r.l. as the data controller for purposes related to registration management and to the management of the workshop activities and always in compliance with the applicable law on data protection, including the Regulation EU 679/2016. Personal data can be processed and sent to the authorized authority – following the privacy norms – in order to prevent and contain the safety emergency caused by the epidemic of Covid-19. 
6.    Each candidate acknowledges that during the workshop s/he could become aware of strictly confidential information, data and documents and therefore undertakes not to disclose this information, data and documents to third parties without the prior written authorization of the TRAC.
7.    Any dispute arising from the acceptance of these Rules will be governed under the Italian law, excluding the rules of private international law.
8.    Any dispute arising from the acceptance of these Rules is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.